Great Yelp Review of the Faron Salon Private Room for Muslim Women.

I’ve never been happier with a salon, a stylist, and my haircut. The best part is Faron’s new Private room for women who wear hijab or require privacy for their haircut. I’m a young professional in my 20s who covers and am always on the go. So finding time AND a good place to get my hair done is difficult. There aren’t any salons that offer the privacy that Faron now does and I am so grateful for her respect and kind-heart. The back room is set up like a mini-salon and feels just like it’s part of the rest of the salon instead of a break room (where I’ve had my hair done before at other places.)

Faron herself is wonderful and attentive. I usually get boring layers done. She gave me a brand new style and I absolutely love it! The world might not get to see it, but that doesn’t matter because it’s about how I feel, and I feel amazing! I’m already telling all my friends (Muslim or otherwise, hijabi or non-hijabi, it doesn’t matter!)